Visualizing Health Policy: Preventive Services for Women and the ACA

Posted on June 09th .

*+-This month’s Visualizing Health Policy infographic takes a look at preventive health services for women, including missed opportunities for preventive counseling on risk factors (such as smoking or alcohol) and sexual health issues (such as contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and domestic violence), the effects of lack of insurance on rates of mammograms and other screening tests for women, and how costs are a barrier that cause some women to postpone preventive services or skip a recommended test or treatment.

Visualizing Health Policy: Health Care Coverage and Access for Men, 2013-2015

Posted on June 05th .

*+-This Visualizing Health Policy infographic provides a snapshot of men’’s health care and insurance coverage issues, including health status, access to care and use of services. It compares the uninsured rates of men and women, their cost barriers to care, their connection to clinicians, and their use of prescription drugs, screening, and counseling services.