Health Care Reform (HCR) has created a myriad of employer obligations, the bulk
of which will took effect in 2016. The actions or lack thereof your firm took in
2015 will determine the impact to your company!

The ExpertQuote HCR Team, has developed a comprehensive Expert Strategic Planning Program.™

  • Legislative & Regulatory Requirements Specific to your firm
  • Benefits plan design review and assessment to ensure compliance
  • Development of HCR employee communications including
    wrap plans, and SPD’s
  • 6055 & 6056 Guidance for the 1094 & 1095 IRS Tax Filing

Furthermore our team will provide your firm with an Impact Analysis of:

  • Cadillac Plan applicable tax liability
  • Pay vs. Play Calculation
  • Measurement Period Analysis

Does the Measurement Period Apply to Your Company?

JAN 1,2015

Window of time to determine

if an employee is ACA benefit

eligible. Look-Back period may vary

from 3 months to 12 months.

Look Back Period

APR 1,2015

Extends up to 90 days after end

of average more than 30 hours per

week, coverage must be offered

within Administration period.

Administrative Period

Greater of 6 months, or the length
of the Look Back period

Stability Period